Solving Pain Points for Litigation Partners

July 8, 2022
Solving Pain Points for Litigation Partners

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As a litigation partner, you need access to reliable information and in-depth practice area coverage with the latest legal tools to boost your law firm’s productivity and ensure your team has everything required to practice efficiently and effectively. In addition, you have an unlimited appetite for:

  • Market, industry, and business data
  • Law firm and attorney analytics
  • Customized, real-time legal news
  • Analysis of industry developments

Bloomberg Law provides all of this and more with best-in-class competitive intelligence, comprehensive content coverage, and workflow tools to improve every aspect of litigation practice. Get access to the information you need from reliable primary and secondary sources, along with the latest litigation tools and intelligence to stay current, monitor performance, and increase practice efficiency.

Challenge: Wasting time and money navigating multiple research platforms for legal and business intelligence

Developing business opportunities and enhancing your firm’s reputation are of the utmost importance. As such, you need to understand the latest business, market, and legal intelligence impacting your practice and have reliable data analytics to inform your litigation strategy. Under constant pressure to get more done in less time, litigation teams lose time navigating multiple platforms and disparate sources of information.

Without unmetered access to an integrated platform with competitive intelligence, you risk losing valuable time and productivity that could cost your firm not only its competitive edge but also its reputation.

Solution: Bloomberg Law’s content and tools keep your firm a step ahead of the competition

Bloomberg Law provides litigation partners with advanced AI-powered tools like:

  • Litigation Analytics, offering competitive, data-based insights into companies, law firms, attorneys, courts, and judges
  • Federal and state courts dockets, providing unrestricted fielded searches and search filters to help you develop new business opportunities or identify documents that have been successful before a specific judge
  • Business Intelligence Center, delivering a powerful suite of news, legal tools, and resources like Company Report Writer, which incorporates company and financial analytics from the Bloomberg Terminal
Bloomberg Law helps me see the horizon and what kinds of actions or risks are coming for my clients. First, the reporting staff at Bloomberg Law is top-notch. The individuals who cover developments in labor and employment law do so on a regular, consistent basis, so they know what they’re talking about. Second, Bloomberg Law draws together the analysis and insight from lawyers across the country, so I know when I’m reading about a National Labor Relations Board update that I’m hearing from the sharpest minds in the field.
Jeremy Glenn
Cozen O’Connor

Challenge: Keeping up with the latest news and legal developments to inform effective strategies

On top of keeping up with the latest business, market, and legal intelligence, your job demands that you stay current on news and critical developments affecting your current cases, litigation practice, and firm as a whole. To satisfy this demand, you need real-time, comprehensive coverage. Otherwise, litigation partners are at risk of decreased productivity, poor team performance, missed business opportunities, and reputational loss.

As a litigation partner, you and your team need a single, reliable platform with the latest news and case information, along with expert analysis from global leaders and powerful litigation tools. That way, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of what’s driving changes in legal practice and create effective strategies around critical topics.

Solution: Bloomberg Law offers unparalleled news, content and analysis

Bloomberg Law offers unmatched, comprehensive coverage of domestic and international news from Bloomberg Law News, American Lawyer Media News brands, and more than 75,000 trusted sources from the Bloomberg Terminal — all customizable to the individual user’s needs. Our Bloomberg Law Analysis articles, written by legal experts, deliver data-based insights on the topics that matter most to your litigation practice.

Bloomberg Law also offers In Focus resources to keep you up to date on the most relevant, dynamic topics impacting the business of law. With alertable news, case law, dockets, trackers, and more, you won’t miss out on the most important and relevant information to you.

The daily emails I receive from Bloomberg Law keep me abreast of the latest developments in important cases and in legislative changes. I am more informed about these developments than most of my colleagues.
Am Law 100

Challenge: Enhancing practice productivity

A vital part of your role as a litigation partner is to effectively facilitate practice productivity. From onboarding new associates and tracking overall performance to providing legal tech, guidance, and resources that help your team succeed and improve your firm’s bottom line, there is a lot of room for optimization. While there are many solutions out there, it can be difficult to implement them in an efficient, cost-effective way, and too many different systems can create further inefficiencies that slow down critical tasks.

You need an all-inclusive platform with the resources, guidance, and time-saving tools that will increase efficiency and productivity without unexpected expenses. With enhanced performance from your litigation team, you can quickly identify and develop new business opportunities to maintain a competitive edge and improve your firm’s reputation.

Solution: Bloomberg Law is a comprehensive, time-saving practice platform

Bloomberg Law offers products and tools that will help you work smarter and faster, including:

  • One-stop Litigation Intelligence Center, combining dockets with primary and secondary sources, Practical Guidance, news, and practice tools to provide everything you’ll need for daily litigation tasks
  • Practice area coverage including bankruptcy, benefits, labor & employment, IP, and more
  • Core Litigation Skills and Lawyer Development Practical Guidance to help bridge the gap between law school and the first years of practice
  • AI-powered tools like:
Bloomberg Law's Litigation Intelligence Center is a 'game changer' in the areas of docketing and judicial intelligence. Instead of having to search in multiple different areas, this service enables attorneys to get necessary information in one place—and with the confidence that they have not missed anything.
Am Law 200