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Want even more ways to improve your litigation practice? Bloomberg Law has a full suite of tools to save you time, maximize your opportunities, and keep you informed. From Litigation Analytics to our Core Litigation Skills Toolkit, everything you need to maintain your competitive edge is all on one platform, for one price.

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Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Practical Guidance provides the authority, the guidance, and the tools to manage each step of the process.

See how smart content organization and AI-powered tools are changing the tempo of practice. Litigation Practical Guidance provides the essentials including step-by-step guidance, expert legal analysis, and a preview of next steps. Practice tools such as Points of Law and Smart Code zero in on the cases and concepts that will help you frame winning arguments.

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Litigation Practical Guidance Features

  • Overviews provide a concise summary of the key legal elements and considerations that relate to a specific issue.
  • Links to Related Content such as rules, regulations, and reference materials are included in our integrated platform.
  • Points of Law (POL) identifies legal principles and related leading cases in any jurisdiction you select.
  • Smart Code delivers cases interpreting specific provisions of codes, rules, and regulations; filter by strength of discussion, court, topic, and date.
  • Practice Tips provide practitioner guidance on best practices.
  • Example Dockets Search includes Docket Key search functionality, speeding access to briefs, motions – 20 filing types in total.

Litigation Practical Guidance Product Snapshot

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See It for Yourself

Bloomberg Law offers authoritative litigation solutions that save time and effort and provide an in-depth understanding of legal issues and trends.

Our litigation content is conveniently located in a one-stop resource – the Litigation Intelligence Center – organized to complement the way your practice. You’ll find:

  • AI-powered tools like Points of Law and Smart Code to enhance primary law research
  • Docket Key search functionality to speed you to the docket filings you need
  • Litigation Practical Guidance for step-by-step guidance on procedural tasks
  • Litigation Analytics for competitive intelligence on companies, judges, law firms, and attorneys
  • Litigation news, analysis, and additional resources

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