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Visualize trends and predict outcomes with comprehensive legal analytics tools. Our legal technology and data analytics empower you in your daily activities. Drafting briefs or a polished merger agreement or collecting data to inform strategy – do it faster with a Bloomberg Law subscription.

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Whether you’re collecting and analyzing law firm data or searching dockets, we provide unlimited access to all our Bloomberg Law tools. And we’re still adding more – at no additional cost to our customers.

Speed up case law research

Points of Law, an award-winning innovation, helps you find the leading case, the essence of a court’s holding

Interpret state and federal code

Smart Code helps you find case interpretations across specific provisions of state and federal codes, rules, and regulations – and filter by strength of discussion, court topic, and date.

Access civil filings faster

Docket Key™, our market-leading proprietary classification system, gives you faster access to briefs, pleadings, motions, and more. Minimize the time it takes to find exemplar filings.

The value of Bloomberg Law

  • Only Bloomberg Law offers subscribers one platform, predictable pricing with unlimited access, and continuous product enhancements
  • Our steady cadence of major product rollouts includes Litigation Analytics, Brief Analyzer, and Draft Analyzer for M&A purchase agreements
  • Our legal analytics tools are designed to help you work smarter and faster no matter the research task, from enhanced case law research to automated comparative state law analysis
  • You’ll find our legal tech tools in intuitive, one-stop resources like the Litigation Intelligence Center and the Transactional Intelligence Center
  • Our legal analytics tools are winning awards – Points of Law, AALL’s 2018 New Product Award, and Brief Analyzer, Dewey B Strategic’s 2020 Best New Workflow Tool

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