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The integration of AI-powered tools into the legal research suite is well underway. Their potential to minimize labor-intensive research tasks is producing a sea change in everyday practice. Rely on Bloomberg Law for the latest on these tools and related topics and trends that are redefining the litigation landscape.

A faster approach to litigation with legal analytics

The development of legal analytics tools is widespread – and growing. The answer to “why” is simple. Litigation and legal data analytics are saving attorneys time and empowering them to work smarter.

In the legal world, whether within firms or organizations’ in-house teams, legal analytics is aimed at customer and business problems – particularly those that involve large data sets such as court opinions, dockets, attorneys, courts, and company information.

Over the past few years, Bloomberg Law has released these solutions, changing basic legal research across case law (Points of Law), statutory research (Smart Code), and dockets search (Docket Key). On another level, our Litigation Analytics helps attorneys collect data, visualize trends, predict outcomes, and – most importantly – expertly advise their clients.

And we continue to innovate at no extra cost to our subscribers. Our latest AI in legal research, Brief Analyzer, applies the power of artificial intelligence to eliminate time-consuming steps in traditional brief analysis. Expedite the review of cited authorities and identify tools and documents, then prepare a compelling rebuttal, all with a Bloomberg Law subscription.

The value of Bloomberg Law

  • Only Bloomberg Law offers subscribers one platform, predictable pricing with unlimited access, and continuous product enhancements
  • Major AI-powered product releases, such as Brief Analyzer and Docket Key search functionality, increase attorney productivity and eliminate time-consuming steps
  • Our AI tools are affecting all areas of litigation practice, from case law research (Points of Law) to sophisticated analysis of courts, judges, and the competition (Litigation Analytics)
  • Single sign-on and one-stop resources, like the Litigation Intelligence Center, provide ease of access to the litigation content and tools you need
  • Our legal analytics’ tools are winning awards – Points of Law, AALL’s 2018 New Product Award, and Brief Analyzer, Dewey B Strategic’s 2020 Best New Workflow Tool

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Bloomberg Law offers authoritative litigation solutions that save time and effort and provide an in-depth understanding of legal issues and trends.

Our litigation content is conveniently located in a one-stop resource – the Litigation Intelligence Center – organized to complement the way you practice. You’ll find:

  • AI-powered tools such as Points of Law and Smart Code to enhance primary law research
  • Docket Key search functionality to speed you to the docket filings you need
  • Litigation Practical Guidance for step-by-step guidance on procedural tasks
  • Litigation Analytics for competitive intelligence on companies, courts, judges, law firms, and attorneys
  • Litigation news, analysis, and additional resources

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