AI-Powered Tools Are Revolutionizing Legal Practice

Find out what litigators need to know.

The integration of AI-powered tools into the legal research suite is well underway. Their potential to minimize labor-intensive research tasks is producing a sea change in everyday practice. Rely on Bloomberg Law for the latest on these tools and related topics and trends that are redefining the litigation landscape.


Litigation Practical Guidance

Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Practical Guidance walks you through the legal and logistical issues related to each stage of litigation practice. Available on the Litigation Intelligence Center, Litigation Practical Guidance is a unique combination of content, functionality, expert guidance, and AI-powered tools such as Points of Law, Smart Code, and Docket Key. See how Bloomberg Law is changing the way litigation is done.

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AI Is Changing Basic Legal Research and So Much More

The development of AI-powered tools is now widespread and growing because artificial intelligence can classify and organize data and complete a variety of tasks quickly, effectively, and at lower cost.

In the legal space, AI solutions are aimed at specific customer problems, particularly those that involve large data sets such as court opinions, dockets, attorneys, courts, and company information.

Over the past few years, Bloomberg Law has released AI-powered tools that have changed basic legal research for case law (Points of Law), statutory research (Smart Code), and dockets search (Docket Key). On another level, Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics identifies meaningful patterns among infinite legal data points – for judges, courts, companies, attorneys, and law firms – that will inform your litigation strategy and predict possible outcomes.

Bloomberg Law’s latest enhancement, Brief Analyzer, applies the power of artificial intelligence to eliminate steps in traditional brief analysis, expediting your review of cited authorities and identifying other tools and documents that will help you prepare a compelling rebuttal.

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Brief Analyzer

Drastically reduce time spent analyzing legal briefs. Bloomberg Law’s AI-powered Brief Analyzer automatically identifies and evaluates cited legal authorities and delivers a detailed brief analysis with suggested content for further review, including reasons for the suggestions.

Points of Law; Smart Code

Relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence, our award-winning Points of Law takes you quickly to the leading case for a particular Point of Law, while Smart Code delivers the leading cases interpreting specific provisions of state and federal codes, rules, and regs.

State Litigation Resources Page

An interactive map includes all state and federal resources for each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., saving research time.

Litigation Practical Guidance

Providing step-by-step procedural guidance on the legal and logistical issues related to Initiating & Defending Litigation that reference primary law tools – Smart Code, Points of Law, and Docket Key – that will help you expand and refine your research.

Litigation Analytics

Identify meaningful patterns among infinite legal data points with Litigation Analytics, which includes analysis of federal district court information, company data, law firm and attorney representation data, and judicial behavior.

Bloomberg Law Dockets

Our market-leading Dockets includes coverage of more than 1,200 state and federal courts. Docket Key, a search tool, expedites access to 20 different filing types in all federal district courts.

Latest Litigation News

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Bloomberg Law offers authoritative litigation solutions that save time and effort and provide an in-depth understanding of legal issues and trends.

Our litigation content is conveniently located in a one-stop resource – the Litigation Intelligence Center – organized to complement the way you practice. You’ll find:

  • AI-powered tools such as Points of Law and Smart Code to enhance primary law research
  • Docket Key search functionality to speed you to the docket filings you need
  • Litigation Practical Guidance for step-by-step guidance on procedural tasks
  • Litigation Analytics for competitive intelligence on companies, courts, judges, law firms, and attorneys
  • Litigation news, analysis, and additional resources

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