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We outpace the competition with twice the number of articles on regulatory agency news across the Labor Department, IRS, OSHA, and more.1

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No matter which practice area you’re focused on, you’ll know that we’re on the case and uncovering the key details. Whether you’re looking for the impact of new IRS guidance or how to minimize litigation risks in return-to-work programs, we get ahead of what’s going on all around the country so that nothing catches you off guard.

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Black Lawyers Speak: Stories of the Past, Hopes for the Future

When navigating the legal landscape, Black lawyers encounter obstacles that stand firmly in the way of their professional success, including barriers to entry, lack of representation and inclusivity, and recruiting practices. The Black Lawyers Speak five-part podcast series will explore what it’s like to be Black in the legal profession – and how we move toward a more inclusive future.


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Explore everything SCOTUS with the Cases and Controversies podcast – previews of the week’s oral arguments, recaps of SCOTUS action, and thoughtful examinations of the toughest issues facing the court.

[Un]Common law with [un]ique perspectives

Listen to this multiple-podcast series across comprehensive topics covered by Bloomberg Law News – timely, insightful, and perfect for on-the-go schedules.

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1 Two times the articles on news from regulatory agencies is based on a tabulation of searches for “Department of Labor,” “Internal Revenue Service,” and “OSHA,” respectively, on and for the date range from January 1 through August 31, 2020