Solving Common Pain Points for Litigation Associates

The best way to ensure accurate, complete legal research and avoid costly mistakes

Litigation associates play a vital role on a law firm’s litigation team by researching complex legal issues, drafting court filings, tracking the progress of cases, and managing client communications. With so much of their time spent on legal research, they need a comprehensive resource to help them quickly find everything they need to practice efficiently.

Bloomberg Law’s all-inclusive platform is a one-stop resource to meet all your practice needs. It includes best-in-class dockets, comprehensive primary and secondary sources, news and analysis, step-by-step Practical Guidance, and AI-powered tools that are expanding the scope and changing the cadence of legal research.

Learn how we’re helping litigation associates like you tackle their greatest challenges and score game-changing outcomes for their firm and clients.

Solving challenges for litigation associates

As a litigation associate, your primary role is to support your law firm’s litigation practice. In addition to your legal research and client management responsibilities, you must also meet (or exceed) a billable hours quota, satisfy the expectations of your firm’s partners and clients, and deliver a superior work product on time.

In a deadline-driven practice, you face mounting pressure to do more in less time and with minimal supervision, Bloomberg Law can help. You’ll never have to go out-of-plan to find what you need. Our comprehensive coverage provides you with everything required to satisfy your clients and managing partner and win your case.

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