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Insights into a shifting labor and employment landscape and legal factors affecting employee rights

Tough questions. High stakes. Today’s labor and employment practitioners are under more pressure than ever before to deliver reliable counsel. See why thousands of practitioners rely on Bloomberg Law.

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From employment and union attorneys to corporate counsel, L&E professionals turn to Bloomberg Law for expert news and analysis, primary sources, and practice tools to help them work smarter and faster.

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Save hours of research time. Quickly generate state-by-state comparisons of labor and employment statutes and regulations in an easy-to-read format.

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Save valuable time with In Focus pages that provide all-in-one access to news and analysis, charts and trackers, and Practical Guidance on L&E topics like noncompete agreements, layoffs, child labor, and religious discrimination and accommodation.

Labor Arbitration Awards Tracker

Search for critical data and filter results by key information such as arbitrator, prevailing party, topic, union, and more.

Labor and employment (L&E) practitioners – whether as in-house general counsel or working with clients in a law firm – advise on legal issues related to the employment relationship. From questions about new laws and standards to ongoing discussions on topics like worker safety, wages, leave, diversity and inclusion, and privacy, L&E professionals advise clients and stakeholders on complex issues that affect people’s livelihoods and the corporate bottom line.

This L&E guide provides an overview of major federal labor and employment laws and regulations, enforced by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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Labor and employment practitioners continue to face complex challenges and legal questions around significant issues impacting employee rights in the workplace and employer compliance. Take your L&E practice to a higher level with the expert analysis, news, step-by-step Practical Guidance, and practice tools from Bloomberg Law. Our expert analysts leverage the latest data and technology to deliver expert perspectives and insights into factors shaping L&E law. We closely track today’s shifting legal landscape – from return-to-office to gig employment and legislative initiatives impacting the workforce – for actionable intelligence for law firms and corporate counsel.

Download our GC Guide to Navigating 2024: Labor & Employment to help you prepare for changes in labor and employment issues that could impact your company.

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