2021 Outlook on Health Law

The 2021 Outlook on Health Law is the legal professional’s actionable guide to the topics taking shape in 2021 and beyond.

2021 Outlook on Bankruptcy Report

Bankruptcy filings are trending upward. The 2021 Outlook on Bankruptcy is your look into key developments shaping the legal landscape.

2021 Outlook on Privacy and Data Security

Explore this complimentary report for expert analysis of key trends impacting legal practitioners – and those they advise.

2021 Outlook on Labor & Employment

Three important factors are working together to influence the direction of labor and employment in 2021: the pandemic, the economic downturn, and the change in administration. This report explores this intersection with key insights from practicing attorneys.

Covid-19 and the Workplace | Daily Labor Report

Employers, and the attorneys who advise them, have entered unchartered territory as they navigate the pandemic. Download this exclusive labor report to evaluate subjects that are top of mind for legal practitioners.

ESG in 2021

Covid-19, a downturned economy, and critical socioeconomic shifts have drastically impacted how organizations operate. How permanent will these changes be? And what should legal professionals expect in 2021 and beyond? Download your complimentary report for expert analysis of key ESG topics.

Bloomberg Law 2021 – Future of the Legal Industry

Find answers to industry-related questions and track the 2021 legal industry trends with in-depth expert analysis.

Transactions and Markets in 2021

Unexpected obstacles stood defiantly upon the transactional landscape in 2020. Elevate your planning and reduce surprises with strategic insights covering the key trends to watch in 2021.

Litigation in 2021

2020 was a year of upheaval, and while other industries suffered as a result of the pandemic, certain areas of litigation experienced an upswing. In this special report, our analysts evaluate the trends key to 2021 planning.

Pharmaceuticals and Covid-19

The pharmaceutical industry is the top contender for most greatly impacted on the path to Covid-19 recovery. The legal considerations are numerous, and the implications are profound. In this special report, we explore the pharmaceutical considerations top of mind.

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