5 Ways to Differentiate Your Law Firm

As clients bring more work in-house and competition rises in the market for legal services, firms are responding by finding ways to stand out in the crowd, spend less time on nonbillable work, and cut costs.

Business Adjusts to Data and Privacy Rules

Now that GDPR has become the required framework, data collection and use issues are emerging. This report looks at key sectors where the European regulation is forcing change and how the environment will be transformed by the response of governments, regulators, and businesses.

Litigation Trends and Opportunities in 2019

Get the scoop on the latest technology, regulation, and ethical concerns that are changing the way litigators work with the latest Bloomberg Law special report, Litigation Trends and Opportunities in 2019.

2019 Outlook on Health Care

The 2019 Outlook on Health Care combines expert reporting with thoughtful, thorough analysis in order to provide you with an invaluable resource to help you plan ahead.

M&A Trends Reshape the Legal Industry

This year’s strong trend of M&A activity is reframing markets and business in many sectors. This special report explores where those factors may be most relevant and some of the issues that could become critical in a changing environment.

2019 REIT IPO Market Update

Rising interest rates and a softening real estate market in the United States signal changes in future REIT fundraising activities.

A Look Ahead at Federal Regulation

A Look Ahead at Federal Regulation examines how divided government will influence regulatory changes in key areas—from labor and employment issues to the opioid epidemic and beyond.

2019 Outlook on Privacy, Tech & Telecom

Our exclusive report combines reporting and analysis from our network of experts and thought leaders so that you’ll be able to get an overview of potential developments in the year ahead.

2019 Outlook Labor & Employment

The 2019 Outlook features expert coverage and exclusive analysis to help you stay ahead of developments in the labor and employment space.

Solving the Big 3 Challenges of Chief Compliance Officers

Given the enormous corporate investments in compliance, why do we still see high-profile data breaches, money laundering, secret product defects, industrial disasters, and so on?

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