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Pay Transparency Report for GCs

Expert analysis, how-to-guidance, and task-focused checklists. Explore our Pay Transparency report to understand the laws and keep your organization compliant.


Fundamentals of Discovery Practice: Interrogatories

Learn to leverage written interrogatories to uncover more admissible evidence during discovery with this complimentary how-to guidance.


Summary Judgment Sample Motion

File your motion for summary judgment faster with our complete template. Easily tailor the form to include pertinent facts and requirements.


Preliminary Injunction Sample Form

Jumpstart your process with our sample motion for preliminary injunction – a complete federal court form you can customize to address your specific case.


GC Guide to Navigating 2023

75+ pages of expert-written analysis, how-to guidance, and checklists to help general counsel and their teams navigate the pressing legal developments shaping 2023.


State Biometric Privacy Law Chart

See how biometric data privacy laws compare across Illinois, Texas, and Washington.


Future of the Legal Industry 2023

Preview what’s next for the legal industry with this detailed examination of the most influential issues and how to navigate them.



Tech-driven legal trends in 2023

Explore the impacts of technology on legal practice in 2023 with detailed analysis and guidance to prepare you for what’s next.


Top Transactional Trends in 2023

See the major issues shaping transactional law in 2023 and get valuable guidance to help you plan for what’s ahead.


Top Litigation Trends in 2023

Preview the litigation developments impacting the practice of law in 2023 and get insights to help you prepare.

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