Remaining Operational: Re-Positioning Business During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruptions of the economy and companies at all levels of the supply chain have been on both the sending and receiving ends of “force majeure” notices. Join Bloomberg Law for this webinar that will review pressing legal concerns for companies and longer term impacts of the crisis on global businesses.

Understanding Litigation Technology Trends

Practitioners need to understand the extent to which technology can assist their daily litigation practice. They need to know the questions to ask about the limits and benefits of the technology in order to comply with their ethical obligations. This webinar will provide an in-depth look at litigation-focused technology offerings from an ethics perspective.

Evaluating Top Concerns About Litigation Finance

Law firms and their clients are increasingly turning to litigation finance to fund commercial lawsuits. While the benefits of funding are evident, and the demand for funding is increasing, the industry remains unregulated and opaque. This webinar will feature a panel of leading industry experts, practitioners, and litigation funders who discuss litigation funding concerns.

Evolutions in Finance: SPACs, Cannabis & Other Examples of Change

Understand rule changes affecting the use of direct listings, the importance of special SPACs, and regulations affecting investment by foreign entities. Gain insight into entrepreneur’s investment in the cannabis and cryptocurrency industries, and how funding reflects a private-public company divide and continuing evolution of market mechanisms.