Bloomberg Law Looks At 2021’s Top Privacy & Data Security Issues

Arlington, Va. — Bloomberg Law today announced the availability of its 2021 Outlook on Privacy & Data Security, a compendium of news, analysis, practitioner perspectives, and Practical Guidance that explores the complex issues businesses need to stay on top of, including Schrems II, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the follow-on California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and Europe’s GDPR. The 30-plus page Outlook report is accessible for complimentary download at

Among the topics explored in the 2021 Outlook on Privacy & Data Security include:

  • A collection of articles from Bloomberg Law’s privacy & data security reporting team covering the recent cyberhack of the U.S. federal courts filing system, whether wiretapping laws cover workplace teleconferences and online meetings such as those via platforms like Zoom, and the sweeping changes to California’s privacy laws with the passage of the CPRA.
  • Analyst pieces that lay out the CPRA’s applicability and implementation timeframe, the potential impact of the Schrems II judgment on the sharing of intelligence information among longtime allies, and GDPR’s performance, two-and-a-half years post-rollout.
  • Practitioner perspectives that address what to watch for in healthcare privacy and a country-by-country look at lessons learned from enforcement actions taken by the EU’s data protection authorities.
  • Practical guidance to help legal professionals navigate cross-border data transfer and international data privacy compliance in the wake of Schrems II, and a detailed checklist to help businesses understand the CCPA’s requirement for notice at collection.

“In the United States and in Europe, there was no slowing down privacy regulators in 2020, and that’s why legal professionals turn to Bloomberg Law to help them prepare for the many changes they must comply with in 2021,” said Joe Breda, President, Blomberg Law. “There is no indication that the pace of change will be any less frenetic this year and our clients can continue to rely on us for up-to-the-minute news and insightful analysis that will keep them on top of the newest federal, state, and international laws and regulations.”

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