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Profile of Litigation Funders

This Bloomberg Law Practical Guidance identifies different sources of litigation funding available in the market, including traditional litigation funders, hedge funds, alternative sources of capital, and explores the benefits and drawbacks to working with each of them.

What is litigation funding – and how does it work?

Litigation finance is a third-party investment option used by law firms and their clients to fund lawsuits. A good legal claim can be a valuable asset. But there are risks. The value of the case is dependent upon a win. If a case is lost, the investor loses their initial investment with no return.

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How Litigation Finance Works

Investors are making millions off other people’s lawsuits. The idea is that a good legal claim is like an asset – it’s worth money, but there’s risk. Having anyone other than the direct parties to the litigation profit from a suit has historically been frowned upon, but now it’s become big business.


2019 Litigation Finance Market Survey: Executive Summary

Download the executive summary of the Bloomberg Law Litigation Finance Market Survey including input from law firms, in-house counsel, and litigation funders. The survey included detailed questions about the scope, process, and expectations around financing litigations.


Transparency Wanted in Litigation Finance

Rely on this exclusive piece of expert analysis to answer the ever-growing demand for mandatory disclosures of third-party financing agreements.


Litigation Finance Industry Overview

Although litigation finance emerged initially to help smaller, under-resourced plaintiffs bring meritorious claims against larger, better-capitalized adversaries, as awareness of funding has expanded, it is increasingly seen as a corporate finance tool that enables companies of all sizes to value litigation claims as an asset.


Litigation Finance Glossary

Understand the specialized vocabulary used in litigation finance to properly communicate your case as an asset with our Litigation Finance Glossary.


Litigation Finance Client Types

Central to any litigation funding relationship is the type of client receiving the funding. This overview compares litigation funding relationships across three different client types: plaintiffs in litigation or arbitration; law firms; and defendants in litigation or arbitration.

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Transform Potential Challenges into Profitable Possibilities

Litigation finance is a complex industry that is growing in scope and demand. Rely on In Focus: Litigation Finance to gain a better understanding of this evolving component of litigation practice. Highlights include:

  • Bloomberg Law’s 2019 Litigation Finance Survey of in-house, law firms, and litigation funders providing insights into the scope, process, and expectations around financing litigations
  • Bloomberg Law’s Practical Guidance covering industry basics, funding terms and structures, legal ethics, client types, and more
  • The latest news, Insights, Analysis, court opinions, and state statutory developments
  • Broker-dealer, transactional, and additional resources

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