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law school innovation program

Law School Innovation Program

The practice of law is changing, and law schools need to keep up with the demands of law firms, in-house legal departments, and – most importantly – students.

Through the Law School Innovation Program, Bloomberg Law seeks to identify, recognize, and connect law school faculty, staff, and administrators who are pioneering innovative ways to prepare their students for the practice of law.

Innovations can include any facet of coursework, clinics, experiential learning, pedagogy, or other forms of legal instruction.

Support for law school, and beyond

From law student to practicing attorney, Bloomberg Law offers the resources you need to stay ahead every step of the way:

  • Utilize tools created for law school success
  • Plan your post-graduate career with the right firm
  • Learn as you go with our Practical Guidance library
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Jump-start your legal career

What to do after law school – explore the process to transition from law student to lawyer.

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Bloomberg Law is pleased to welcome summer associates!

Check out our summer associate toolkit to see how we help you answer the questions that are likely to come up this summer as you navigate research and deliverables.

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I greatly enjoy some of the more practical features, and in particular the docket tracking and business intelligence features.

I start all of my research in Bloomberg Law. The ability to search for free and see fuller details on your search terms cuts down my research time significantly.

The Litigation Intelligence Center has everything I need for my daily litigation tasks: docket search and access; opinion search; law and regulation search.

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