This sample request letter and initial legal due diligence document checklist are directed to the domestic seller or target company in a merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction. The form below includes a general list of documents and information requested in many M&A transactions.

Keep in mind that some requests may not be necessary for every contract management workflow. For example, certain requests may apply only to a public or private company, and certain equity and property documents may not be relevant in an asset purchase. If a request is broader than needed for the purposes of due diligence, it may be useful to limit the scope of the request. In some cases, the five-year limitation may be sufficient. In other cases, limitations such as the materiality standard may be appropriate.

[Download the sample request letter and checklist as a pdf.]

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Due diligence is a cornerstone of the contract management process because it allows corporations to independently and objectively assess the myriad risks associated with doing business with third parties and protects them from unknowingly entering business relationships that could cause reputational harm or compliance concerns. But conducting meaningful and effective due diligence can be complex, time consuming, and labor intensive.

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