New Resources Available From Bloomberg Law To Guide Legal Professionals As U.S. Businesses Respond To Economic Impacts From Covid-19 Pandemic

ARLINGTON, VA  — Bloomberg Law today announced that it has made available to its subscribers a curated collection of news, analysis, Practical Guidance documents, reference materials, and tools to help in-house counsel and law firms make informed decisions related to business operations. As businesses move from emergency response to short- and long-term planning in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, the two new In Focus pages guide attorneys through the options businesses need to consider when assessing continued viability.

Created for the unique needs of in-house counsel and their outside counsel advisors, In Focus: Remaining Operational features a wealth of information on matters that a business must consider in order to continue operations, including content related to contracts, corporate governance, transactions, and employment issues.  When remaining operational is not an option, In Focus: Business Closure helps attorneys at law firms advise their corporate clients on the most appropriate business closure strategies, including the available options and the ramifications each option has on employees, supply chains, and current litigation.

In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, both new In Focus pages will ease the research burden for practitioners trying to quickly evaluate options. Featuring dozens of new practical guidance documents across numerous topics, including force majeure and bankruptcy, these pages will help attorneys make strategic decisions about companies, and provide them with the legal tools to execute those decisions.

“As the economy continues to stagnate due to the Covid-19 pandemic, legal professionals are being relied upon to provide well-informed counsel regarding the ongoing operations of a range of businesses,” said Joe Breda, President, Bloomberg Law. “These new resources will be invaluable in providing our clients the intelligence they need to help businesses evaluate their options.”

These enhancements to the Bloomberg Law platform are available to current subscribers at no additional cost. For access to the new In Focus pages, request a demo of Bloomberg Law at

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