New Bloomberg Law Abortion Law Resources Include In Focus Page, Practical Guidance, and Webinar

ARLINGTON, VA (August 23, 2022) — Bloomberg Law today announced the availability of new resources focusing on abortion law consisting of an In Focus page, Practical Guidance and a webinar to be held on September 15, 2022. For more information and to register for “The Post-Dobbs World: Employment and Benefits Considerations Moving Forward,” visit

U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which permits states to allow, regulate, or ban abortion, has sparked a flurry of legislation and litigation nationwide. The uncertainty surrounding state laws restricting abortion has introduced uncertainty and numerous questions for lawyers and their clients.

Bloomberg Law’s new In Focus page and accompanying Practical Guidance Toolkit compile the resources that practitioners need to monitor federal and state developments and understand the legal implications arising from the Dobbs ruling.

The new pages include news and legal research materials on a range of topics, including health, employee benefits, employment, and privacy, and are designed to make it easy for lawyers to keep current on the evolving legal landscape and keep their clients compliant. As a central place for users to find content on abortion laws, these pages include:

  • An In Focus page that improves the findability and discoverability of BLAW’s most relevant research content and tools.
  • An interactive map and curated searches that make it easier for users to track fast-moving developments.
  • Integration of state-specific resources to help users identify multiple legal issues affecting individuals, employers, and health-care providers.
  • A Toolkit that delivers essential task-focused practical content, including Practical Guidance and Chart Builders.

Bloomberg Law’s September 15 webinar will help in-house and external counsel advise their organizations and clients on legal factors that must be considered post-Dobbs with a panel of experts who will discuss recent legal developments and questions of state and federal law on abortion in an employment and benefits context. They will offer practical tips to stay compliant and avoid civil and criminal liability.

“Bloomberg Law has received many requests for Dobbs-related content and we’re proud that these new pages deliver that content in a clear, user-friendly way,” said Alex Butler, vice president of content and analysis, Bloomberg Law. “From our new interactive abortion laws U.S. map to curated news, state bill, legislative, and docket searches, to a Toolkit providing overviews, checklists, sample forms, these resources will help in-house counsel and law firm attorneys spot issues and stay compliant.”

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