Litigation Analytics Expansion Offers Greater Insights Into Attorneys, Judges, Corporations, and Law Firms

Arlington, Va.(April 16, 2019)—Bloomberg Law today announced a significant expansion of its Litigation Analytics suite, which now fully integrates its analytics on over 100,000 attorneys with its judge, company, and law firm analytics. Users now have a holistic view of valuable intelligence such as which attorneys appear most often on behalf of a company in federal court, have the most appearances before a federal judge, or have the most federal litigation experience at a given law firm.

Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics provides information and insights on over 70,000 public and 3.5 million private companies, 7,000 law firms, and 100,000 attorneys at over 775 law firms. To help identify the best possible firm to hire regarding a particular matter, Litigation Analytics gives corporations a wealth of easily accessible data to analyze the experience, expertise, and past performance of prospective outside counsel in front of a particular judge or on behalf of a given company. For recruitment and hiring purposes, Litigation Analytics delivers a comprehensive snapshot of a prospective hire’s track record in federal litigation.

“Today’s announcement is yet another example of our ongoing investment in Bloomberg Law and commitment to providing the best analytics and workflow solutions for legal professionals,” said Andrew Prior, Head of Customer Experience, Bloomberg Law. “Litigation Analytics is part of the fully integrated Bloomberg Law platform, which enables subscribers to seamlessly access the underlying dockets and court opinions—without having to leave the platform and without additional cost. We’ve got a number of tools and resources in development for litigators that we’re excited to roll out throughout 2019.”

As with all enhancements to content and technology on the platform, Litigation Analytics is available to Bloomberg Law subscribers at no additional cost.  For more information or to request a demo, visit  Bloomberg Law.

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