Legal Professionals Positioned To Successfully Navigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Issues Thanks To Resources From Bloomberg Law

ARLINGTON, VA  — Bloomberg Law today announced that it has made available to its subscribers a collection of resources — including news, analysis, and content — to help them understand the legal implications of the global spread of coronavirus.

The outbreak of this infectious disease has implications on individual rights and business obligations pertaining to employee safety, contractual enforcement, financial reporting, data protection, and public health. Bloomberg Law’s dedicated resource page, In Focus: Coronavirus, was developed as a one-stop source for the latest information on government regulation and emergency response activities, recommended measures for reducing risk, and the impact on business practices and deal making. The assembled resources help attorneys understand the ever-evolving legal and commercial ramifications of the potential pandemic.

In Focus: Coronavirus incorporates:

  • A collection of Practical Guidance documents and reference materials that help legal professionals understand employment, health, and commercial issues, including the effect of force majeure clauses that should be taken into consideration when implementing coronavirus response measures.
  • A tracker that monitors corporations’ SEC filings related to the operational and financial impact of the disease.
  • Bloomberg Law Insights, articles, and guidance authored by outside attorneys and industry experts that offer unique perspectives on current events and issues.
  • The latest litigation from federal and state courts related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Commentary on coronavirus implications from the Bloomberg Law Analysis team.
  • The latest news from Bloomberg Law on COVID-19.
  • Currently in the final stages of development, a new state law tracker that compares quarantine and public health laws across 52 U.S. states and territories, plus the District of Columbia. It identifies applicable statutory laws and regulations and provides information about new emergency public health regulations and links to state emergency preparedness websites.

“Businesses constantly face critical and rapidly evolving challenges – like those posed by the coronavirus outbreak — and they turn to their lawyers for guidance,” said Bloomberg Law President Joe Breda. “Bloomberg Law has the agility and expertise to deliver the tools and resources they need to successfully manage those challenges in real time. “We are continuing to monitor this dynamic situation and our clients should know that we will be adding more resources to In Focus: Coronavirus as new legal issues emerge.”

A sampling of the resources available on In Focus: Coronavirus is available at

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