Latest Enhancements to Bloomberg Law Dockets Provide New Content and Additional Tools

ARLINGTON, VA (January 18, 2024) — Bloomberg Law today announced multiple enhancements to Bloomberg Law Dockets, which delivers complete coverage of all federal courts, expansive coverage of state courts, rapid alerts, and powerful search technology. The latest enhancements provide users with both new content and new tools for court docket search, further expanding Bloomberg Law’s existing suite of resources for litigators.

Bloomberg Law Dockets has significantly expanded its collection of state-level court filings, adding over 320 courts in 2023, including new coverage in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and North Carolina. Additional courts will continue to be added on an ongoing basis.

An enhancement to Docket Key®, Bloomberg Law’s proprietary pleading search tool, leverages machine learning to allow searching for over 200 specific motion types and their corresponding briefs in federal district court civil dockets. The enhancement makes the process of finding sample pleadings and briefs easier and faster. Users can now search by the filer of those motions as well as by the outcome to find the most persuasive examples.

Another new feature, Docket Path, offers insights into the possible outcomes of open, federal civil dockets informed by historical trends in closed dockets. This AI-powered tool provides insights by analyzing the type and language of docket entries, relevant motions, and resulting orders.

Bloomberg Law Dockets will be further enhanced with Complaint Summaries, a new feature coming soon for Docket Alerts. Complaint Summaries appear directly within Docket Alert emails, providing AI-generated summaries of federal complaints, drastically reducing the time needed to assess the critical facts and arguments in these filings. The Complaint Summaries feature was tested in the Bloomberg Law Innovation Studio, an environment that offers access to artificial intelligence tools that are currently under development for the Bloomberg Law platform.

“We continually update the Bloomberg Law platform with new content and innovative enhancements in order to meet customer needs,” said Joe Breda, president, Bloomberg Law. “These most recent additions to Bloomberg Law Dockets help litigators save time and connect the dots on strategy by leveraging intelligence and analytics on an ever-expanding collection of court filings.”

The newest enhancements to Bloomberg Law Dockets, along with existing workflow tools including BCITE, Smart Code, and Points of Law, make the Bloomberg Law platform a primary destination for litigators.

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