Bloomberg Law Publishes New Treatise on Legal Malpractice Litigation

Arlington, Va.(February 14, 2019) — Bloomberg Law today announced the publication of Legal Malpractice Litigation, a new treatise that provides practitioners with a comprehensive analysis of the issues they are likely to encounter in this area of law, whether bringing or defending a claim. The book, which was authored by Lance Entrekin of The Entrekin Law Firm, is available on Bloomberg Law.

The book is organized entirely around the practical realities of legal malpractice litigation and includes discussion of the fast-growing area of claims by non-clients as well client claims. Legal Malpractice Litigation also provides state-by-state coverage of all important areas where jurisdictions significantly differ.

“There was a need in the market for a clear, well-organized treatise that provided a state-by-state breakdown, showing how states differ considerably in important areas of legal malpractice law,” said Entrekin. “Our goal was to address this need, for both the specialist and the lawyer trying their first case in this area.”

Discussion topics include:

  • The importance of establishing whether there is an attorney/client relationship and the criteria used by the different states
  • The distinction between negligence claims versus breach of contract or fiduciary breach claims
  • A state-by-state breakdown of the elements of negligence as well as the bases for a fiduciary breach claim
  • The role of expert testimony in establishing negligence
  • Other claims made by clients and non-clients against attorneys, including a summary of statutory causes of action
  • Exceptions each state makes to allow negligence and fiduciary breach claims against attorneys by non-clients
  • Current trends in legal malpractice litigation

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