Bloomberg Law Launches Six New In Focus Resources

ARLINGTON, VA — Bloomberg Law today announced multiple new In Focus resources highlighting emerging topics in legal practice including federal agency deference, noncompetition agreements, overtime exemptions, strikes, corporate transparency, and DEI in employment.

Bloomberg Law’s n Focus resources are editorially curated with the latest news, commentary, litigation filings, regulatory developments, and practice tools on topics of note to legal practitioners.

In Focus: Chevron, Loper & Agency Deference covers key aspects of judicial review of federal agency actions, including the standard established by the Supreme Court in Chevron v. NRDC. The page will look at how “Chevron deference” and related standards have been applied in federal appellate courts as well as provide detailed, agency-specific information. Customers can use this page to prepare for the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in the Loper, Bright, and Relentless cases, which could alter or overrule the Chevron standard.

In Focus: Noncompetes explores the Federal Trade Commission’s final rule banning the use of most noncompete agreements in the employment context. The page tracks pending litigation over the rule, provides an interactive map to explore state noncompete laws, and includes Practical Guidance to help employers plan and prepare for the implementation of the FTC’s final rule.

In Focus: Overtime Exemptions & Eligibility explains the Department of Labor’s final regulation expanding overtime pay requirements to millions of employees. The page includes resources like Practical Guidance to help employers implement changes, an interactive map to make it easier to navigate the interplay of state and federal law, and a docket search to track pending litigation over the rule.

In Focus: Strikes & Lockouts examines the recent uptick in union strike activity in the United States. It includes data, interactive visualizations, and Practical Guidance to help both union and management attorneys understand where strikes are happening and where they are likely to happen next.

In Focus: Corporate Transparency Act highlights resources for practitioners on the developments for state, federal, and select international regulatory frameworks, relating to the Corporate Transparency Act and other disclosures on beneficial ownership.

In Focus: DEI in Employment provides the resources employers need to navigate DEI after the Supreme Court’s Harvard affirmative action decision. Resources include Practical Guidance on governing DEI initiatives and policies, risk mitigation and tracking, pay equity, ESG, and corporate governance.

“Bloomberg Law’s In Focus resources are designed to be a one-stop-shop for legal practitioners, offering immediate updates and comprehensive resources on emerging issues,” said Alex Butler, vice president of content and analysis, Bloomberg Law. “Bloomberg Law customers count on these resources for the most current guidance and information they need to advise their clients effectively.”

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