Bloomberg Law Introduces Clause Adviser: AI-Powered Contract Enhancement

ARLINGTON, VA — Bloomberg Law today announced Clause Adviser, a new generative AI-powered enhancement to its powerful Draft Analyzer tool. Clause Adviser assesses which side of a deal – buyer, seller, or neutral – an individual clause favors and allows a user to quickly modify the favorability of the clause.

Clause Adviser is currently available for M&A agreements and will be expanded to additional contracts later in 2024. It provides functionality that has been requested by Draft Analyzer users and has been tested in Bloomberg Law’s Innovation Studio since September 2023. Clause Adviser is available to all Bloomberg Law customers as part of their current subscription, at no additional cost.

Clause Adviser helps legal professionals drafting complex M&A agreements save time and negotiate effectively by providing plain English explanations of complex contract language and whether it favors their side of a transaction. An easy-to-use slider modifies contract language to be more buyer- or seller-friendly based on user preference, resulting in redline comparisons between the original and suggested language.

Powered by generative AI, Clause Adviser pairs seamlessly with Draft Analyzer’s already available Similar Paragraphs function, which compares contract language to semantically similar clause language found in Bloomberg Law’s Transactional Precedent Search. With one click, customers can compare Clause Adviser’s large language model (LLM) generated outputs to similar clause language, and leverage negotiated language.

“We are pleased to address extensive customer feedback requesting the beneficial point of view provided by Clause Adviser, enhancing our already-powerful Draft Analyzer tool,” said Joe Breda, president, Bloomberg Law. “Another example of Bloomberg Law’s commitment to leveraging generative AI to improve attorneys’ efficiency, Clause Adviser helps attorneys optimize contract language to the benefit of their clients by quickly and easily updating the language in a way that aligns with market norms.”

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