Bloomberg Law Introduces Brief Analyzer, New AI Tool For Review And Analysis of Legal Briefs

ARLINGTON, VA (February 11, 2020) — Bloomberg Law announced today the availability of Brief Analyzer, a new tool that leverages AI to significantly reduce the time it takes attorneys to review and analyze legal briefs and memoranda. For more information and to request a demo, please visit

Brief Analyzer enables Bloomberg Law subscribers to quickly and securely upload a legal brief for analysis. Leveraging machine learning techniques, Brief Analyzer reviews the text of the uploaded document to identify authorities cited in the brief and additionally suggests other content for review, including relevant cases not cited in the brief, similar briefs from other dockets, and Practical Guidance.

The content suggested by Brief Analyzer is backed by detailed reasons for its inclusion, ensuring these are suggestions users can trust. Brief Analyzer also determines whether cases cited are still good law, maximizing an attorney’s time.

Brief Analyzer is fully integrated with the Bloomberg Law platform including tools such as  Points of Law, Docket Key and Smart Code – allowing users to take advantage of all Bloomberg Law has to offer, saving time and easily locating the content they need to respond to motions and draft legal briefs.

“Brief Analyzer is a complete workflow solution,” said Joe Breda, president of Bloomberg Law. “It expedites the time-consuming task of reviewing and researching briefs, pulling together the best of Bloomberg Law’s content in an easy-to-consume format in seconds and freeing up attorneys’ time.”

Among beta testers of the tool, 92% agreed that Brief Analyzer reduced the time required to research a brief and prepare a response. Nearly 80% believe the tool would cut down time spent analyzing briefs by at least 25%.

Additional key features of Brief Analyzer include:

  • Easy to use navigation: The ability to view the brief and related analysis side-by-side provides unmatched context while enhancing efficiency and speed.
  • Keyword searching: Users can run focused keyword searches and results are returned ranked by relevance to the selected argument.
  • PDF-friendly: Brief Analyzer can analyze both machine readable and image-based PDFs.

As with all enhancements to the Bloomberg Law platform, Brief Analyzer is available to Bloomberg Law subscribers at no additional cost.

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