Bloomberg Law Empowers Legal Operations Pros at CLOC

ARLINGTON, VA — Bloomberg Law announced that it will showcase its research and tools for legal operations professionals at the CLOC Global Institute, taking place May 6-9 in Las Vegas. Bloomberg Law (Booth #400) is a gold sponsor of the conference.

Legal operations professionals can leverage Bloomberg Law’s platform and tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of legal processes within their organization. Bloomberg Law provides a vast array of legal information, including case law, statutes, regulations, and legal articles to help with tasks such as:

  • A quickly growing and expansive Practical Guidance library including the new Legal Operations Data & Metrics Toolkit, AI in the Workplace, Vendor Management Toolkit, Greenwashing, Cybersecurity Governance Toolkit, and Privacy By Design.
  • Newly added In Focus pages designed to provide in-house counsel with a rapid and efficient means to evaluate and track emerging issues and topics including Overtime Exemptions & Eligibility, Chevron, Loper & Agency Deference, Corporate Transparency Act, Noncompetes, Strikes & Lockouts, and International Privacy Laws.
  • Complaint Summaries, a new generative AI feature that accelerates federal and state case assessment within Docket Alert emails.
  • Cutting-edge news and analysis, offering real-time updates and tailored alerts that cater to specific areas of interest, encompassing the latest legal advancements and the impact of AI.
  • Draft Analyzer, a robust and streamlined workflow tool that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to compare draft language with industry standards, reducing the time and effort needed for in-house counsel to locate the exact language needed for an agreement.
  • Time-saving practice tools such as Chart Builders, regulatory trackers, Precedent Search, and the Business Intelligence Center with profiles for over 3.5 million public and private companies.

Additionally, Bloomberg Law Contract Solution streamlines processes, reduces risks, and improves the overall efficiency of legal services within an organization. A standalone product launched in 2023, Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions features a secure centralized repository, seamless integration with Microsoft Word, advanced analysis tools, and AI-powered extraction of key contractual terms. It helps legal operations professionals significantly reduce the time and resources spent on contract-related tasks, improve compliance and risk management, and contribute to the overall strategic goals of their organization.

“Bloomberg Law is excited to connect with the legal operations community at CLOC and demonstrate how our products increases efficiencies and reduces reliance on outside counsel with focused resources that address the legal issues you’re facing,” said Joe Breda, president, Bloomberg Law. “Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions are essential for ensuring that legal operations are carried out efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.”

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