Bloomberg Law Announces Expanded Torts Practical Guidance

ARLINGTON, Va (April 4, 2022) — Bloomberg Law announced today an expansion of its Practical Guidance offerings for litigation, including new content focusing on torts. For more information and to request a demo, visit

The newest addition to Bloomberg Law’s Practical Guidance is a topic page on Tort Defenses, which covers defenses to various tort-based claims and is a companion to the Tort Actions and Tort Damages and Relief pages. The Practical Guidance topic page includes state-specific content for defenses to claims such as negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, defamation, and fraud, and includes defenses such as comparative and contributory negligence, business judgement rule, privileges, and consent.

The page also allows users to search by jurisdiction and keyword for caselaw on defending against negligence claims, resulting in a curated list of relevant court opinions that discuss a potential finding of no duty, no breach, no causation, or no damages, the elements of negligence, in cases similar to theirs.

The new Tort Defenses Practical Guidance includes more than 50 new practical guidance documents, including comprehensive overviews and checklists, as well as the innovative search tools. The Torts resources join existing similar content on contract causes of action, damages, and defenses. Practical Guidance is fully integrated with Bloomberg Law’s other tools and content for litigators, including the award-winning Points of Law, Smart Code, and Dockets.

“Bloomberg Law’s newest Practical Guidance on Torts Defenses serves as a refresher for senior practitioners and a key resource for more junior attorneys and law students on this major aspect of litigation,” said Joe Breda, President, Bloomberg Law. “Bloomberg Law users can seamlessly access all of Bloomberg Law’s tools directly from Practical Guidance, allowing litigators to more efficiently prepare.”

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