Bloomberg Law 2021 Series Previews Themes And Topics To Watch

Arlington, Va. — Bloomberg Law today announced the availability of Bloomberg Law 2021, its look ahead to the key issues that will shape the legal industry in the year to come. The series, which features nearly 30 articles from Bloomberg Law’s team of experienced legal analysts, delivers expert perspectives on the legal market to the legal market. The series is available at no cost at

Bloomberg Law 2021 covers the top issues facing in-house and law firm practitioners, through the lens of the pandemic, global market volatility, and the U.S. elections. The Bloomberg Law analyst team provides  a preview of what to expect across four overarching themes:

  • Litigation: Recession-related lawsuits are on the rise. Major trends are examined across contractual disputes, international commercial bankruptcies, antitrust enforcement, and litigation finance.
  • Transactions & Markets: The transactional landscape has changed dramatically amid the pandemic and economic downturn, and some markets have been deeply impacted. The series explores topics including deal trends, digital assets, public markets, securities policy changes, and national security.
  • The Future of the Legal Industry: The pandemic has led to fundamental shifts across the legal landscape. What does that mean going forward? Bloomberg Law 2021 looks at everything from legal technology to legal careers to the business of law to find the answers.
  • ESG: Ongoing societal and environmental crises have led to a closer examination of how corporations are addressing environmental, social, and governance issues. These topics are tackled through a legal lens, looking at compliance-related changes in corporate governance, as well as developments around ESG disclosures, board diversity, and climate-related financial risk.

Bloomberg Law 2021 explores the key issues that will shape the legal industry in the year to come.

“One of the hallmarks of Bloomberg Law is the insightful analysis that we provide regarding emerging trends and hot-button issues that are top of mind for both in-house and law firm lawyers,” said Alex Butler, Vice President, Analysis & Content, Bloomberg Law. “Our legal analysts deliver an invaluable compendium of analyses that will provide legal professionals an edge as they face another year of challenges and uncertainty.”

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