2020 Law School Graduates To Receive Complimentary Access To Bloomberg Law Through June 1, 2021

ARLINGTON, VA — Bloomberg Law today announced that it is offering 2020 law school graduates complimentary access to its legal research and business intelligence platform through June 1, 2021 to assist them in identifying potential employers while giving them the resources they need to land a position and enabling them to stay up-to-date on the latest news and industry trends.

The Bloomberg Law platform is a comprehensive, integrated research platform that uniquely incorporates both practice of law and business of law resources. For ongoing professional education needs, Bloomberg Law provides resources such as live and on-demand Webinars that help legal professionals bolster their fundamental research needs. With in-depth reporting and analysis from Washington, D.C.’s largest newsroom, Bloomberg Law users have access to indispensable legal and business news when they need it.

Recent law school graduates can leverage the Litigation Analytics suite and the Company Screener tool — which provides information on all global public companies and more than 100,000 private companies — can help them identify law firms and corporations whose areas of expertise align with their career interests. The insights they obtain from these tools, such as which law firms a company retains and the types of cases a company is currently litigating, can aid interview preparation. For those seeking opportunities at law firms, the platform offers a collection of client memos and newsletters and People Search to connect with attorneys at law firms that are of interest.

“Given the significant disruptions to recent law school graduates’ career pursuits on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re pleased to be able to provide them an additional six months of complimentary access to our platform,” said Joe Breda, president of Bloomberg Law. “The unique career resources on Bloomberg Law are without comparison in helping recent law school graduates find an employer, prepare for an interview, and land an offer. And once they land a position, Bloomberg Law’s timesaving practice tools can help them streamline everyday tasks.”

Extended access to Bloomberg Law for 2020 law school graduates has been automatically made within the platform. 2020 law school graduates that have not previously registered for a Bloomberg Law account should navigate to the platform at http://onb-law.com/nwv450zAENU and click on “Register Academic Account.”

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