Bloomberg Law Editorial Guidelines

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Bloomberg Law gives readers a compelling analysis of the current legal landscape and issues impacting law practices, clients, and the broader business environment. We welcome contributions of articles and practical guidance for publication.

Writing and editing opportunities available to outside practitioners include:

Professional Perspectives

Professional Perspectives identify and discuss developments with current impact on clients or the practice of law. Developments may include court decisions, regulatory or statutory changes, a change in industry or markets, a noteworthy government investigation or regulatory process, or changes in the operation of legal services organizations or departments. These are more evergreen than News Insights, and remain current on the platform beyond a news cycle. Practical tips for lawyers are strongly encouraged.

Articles should not read like case law recitals or briefs. If many cases are being presented, please use a comparison chart or table.

  • Word count is 1,000-3,000.
  • Content must be original and not previously published elsewhere, including as a client alert.
  • Tone is neutral and practical.
  • Published alongside Practical Guidance on Bloomberg Law.
  • Additional style guidelines apply.

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Practical Guidance

Practical Guidance includes the broad range of written materials that help legal practitioners answer key questions and do their work more efficiently and effectively. Our collection of Practical Guidance features step-by-step and topical guidance on specific transactions, compliance issues, the litigation process, and other issues in the form of overviews, descriptions, checklists, forms, timelines, tables, and flowcharts. Materials are compiled so practitioners can find all the research and documents they need to complete a process or transaction in one place.

Practical guidance can be annotated. Follow this general style for drafting practical guidance, and the editorial team will work with you so that the piece conforms with the collection.

Editorial Process

Author agreement. We will send an author agreement for each bylined author’s signature via DocuSign. Please be sure to fill out all fields and the diversity survey. We will start editing only after a signed agreement is received by Bloomberg Industry Group.

Article must be in final form when submitted. While there are instances in which an author may make subsequent minor changes—such as to update citations or correct errors—significant changes after this stage are discouraged and may delay publication.

Editing. Bloomberg Law, including an attorney-editor, will edit the final version, primarily to ensure the article is clear, compelling, and provides important insights or guidance to our audience. We’ll also correct typos, clarify text, and make changes, including to structure, to conform to Bloomberg Industry Group style.

Final approval by author. We will return the final edited version for review and approval before publication.

Publication speed. We will provide revisions for author review approximately 10 business days after we receive the signed agreement. After the author approves the revisions, it will be around three business days before it’s published.

Publication. The content will appear on Bloomberg Law and the Bloomberg Terminal, and we may use individual pieces on social media or in other marketing efforts.

Readership. Bloomberg Law subscribers include law firm attorneys, in-house counsel, compliance professionals, corporate executives, all federal courts, law schools, and other business, government, and legal professionals.

Post-publication reprints and distribution. After publication, we will provide a branded PDF of the piece, which can be posted on the firm or company website, shared on social media, or used for CLEs.

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