Bloomberg Law 2023

Preview the themes and topics that Bloomberg Law’s legal analysts will be watching closely in 2023. These analyses provide data-rich, actionable perspectives on key issues shaping the practice of law and highlight what to expect across the legal landscape in the year ahead.

Our 2023 analysis provides in-depth insights across five major topics — and given the rapid shifts in the industry, it’s shaped up to be our biggest look-ahead ever.

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Four Bloomberg Law analysts share insights into legal trends for the year ahead. From quiet quitting to pay equity laws, our analysts cover key areas of focus, including the future of the legal industry, M&A, pay transparency, and ESG.

Quiet quitting comes to legal practice

M&A in 2023 may be better than expected

Pay transparency laws coming to your state – soon

ESG — Activist investors demand more


Get detailed analysis of the developments that will shape the course of litigation practice in 2023, including common-law data breach claims, product liability suits bypassing Section 230, and patent trends in SEPs and FRAND disputes.


Understand the forces shaping key areas of interest, from state-level crypto enforcement and shifting M&A trends to supply chain and cross-border trade challenges.

ESG & Employment

Get up to date on the latest trends in two areas where regulatory agendas and corporate practices are sure to clash in 2023, including ESG enforcement efforts, post-Dobbs workplace wellness issues, and pay transparency compliance.


Explore the nexus between technology and law and discover the top tech-driven legal trends affecting privacy and IP — from data security in femtech post-Dobbs and AI and privacy laws to patent filing trends.

Future of the Legal Industry

Learn about the hot-button issues in the legal industry, including the ethics of non-lawyer firm ownership, attorney work hours and well-being, and new DEI priorities.