Litigation Analytics

Search millions of data points by company, law firm, attorney, and judge. Visualize trends, predict outcomes, and develop an informed strategy.

Points of Law

The award-winning innovation speeds up case law research. Quickly find the leading case, the essence of a court’s holding, and the best language to support your legal argument.

Smart Code Tablet

Smart Code

Smart Code identifies court opinions, including extracts, that reference federal and state codes, rules, and regulations; indicates the strength of an opinion’s discussion in order to identify the most useful cases; and includes customizable filters to select relevant jurisdictions and legal topics.


Gain access to the best dockets product on the market without racking up the bill. Minimize the time it takes to find filings within dockets. Docket KeySM, our proprietary classification system, speeds access to briefs, pleadings, motions, and more.

Business Intelligence Monitor

Business Intelligence

Stay on top of the issues affecting your firm or organization with our Business Intelligence Center. Discover strategic opportunities with unlimited access to renowned Bloomberg business and financial information.

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From news to primary and secondary resources, practice tools, analytics, and guidance, you’ll have access to everything you need on one integrated platform.

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