In-House Counsel

Respond faster to stakeholder needs

We support the diverse and adaptive needs of in-house counsel with a wide range of practice expertise and resources that help you handle any unfamiliar matters with confidence.

Keep more work in-house, reduce spend

Your team will have accurate, up-to-date information and quick answers to pressing issues that save you from calling external support, reducing your annual outside counsel spend.

Spend more time on high-value work

Use workflow tools to minimize time spent on lower-value tasks and get expert insights that earn you a seat at the table to contribute more to business strategy and growth.

Improve cost efficiency with a single platform that delivers everything you need for one predictable price. Our broad practice area coverage equips you to tackle any issue that comes your way, and industry-leading news keeps you up to date on the business landscape so you can be a trusted strategic asset to your organization.

Unlimited access to Practical Guidance gives you a head start on new tasks and improves your practice as you go, helping you provide more robust support to the business. Plus, you’ll have workflow tools, expert analysis, and other resources to keep you informed and help you manage diverse practice areas.

Get answers to legal questions regarding corporate compliance. Detailed explanations can help you understand difficult or changing areas of the law that impact your role, such as labor and employment or privacy.

Bloomberg Law delivers unlimited access to AI-powered productivity tools, trusted news, expert analysis, and step-by-step Practical Guidance — all in one place, for one fixed price. Your legal team gets everything they need in a single platform, which means reduced technology costs and increased efficiency.

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“Bloomberg Law allows us to do much of the work in-house. It gives our department the confidence that we have the correct information. It provides quick answers that save us from having to call outside counsel. As a result, we were able to decrease our annual outside counsel spend by 15-20 percent.”

Deputy General Counsel
Woodside Group LLC

“As part of the L&E team, we are constantly having to look at regulations and laws across the country. An attorney can assign the task to me, and I can quickly use Bloomberg Law’s chart builders tool to gather our answers instead of asking outside counsel to do it and being billed at a high rate for that work. Plus it provides answers at our fingertips instead of having to wait a few days, weeks, etc.”

Legal Operations
CVS Health

“Bloomberg Law has been a great all-inclusive platform (litigation, business, practical guidance, tax law). Most importantly, I can quickly pull a broad range of state summaries of laws and regulations without having to call outside counsel. In doing so, we have been able to reduce tens of calls to outside counsel for minor issues and thus reduce annual legal fees.”

Corporate Counsel
Synovos Inc.