Enterprise Dockets API Solution

Get unlimited search and alerts

Access leading dockets information, search, and alerts – plus other API-exclusive functions.

Gain market intelligence

Get analytics by company, firm, court, and judge – plus API-exclusive custom analytics and dashboards.

Find business opportunities

Set alerts for a short list of clients, single court, or case type – plus, more alert capacity and custom scripts with an API solution.

Alerts integration

  • Enterprise dockets search function provides docket alerts in a JSON format delivered to a secure FTP site at regular intervals
  • Set up alerts on Bloomberg Law with your own parameters and select delivery “by feed”
  • Use your own internal applications to process the files

Search integration

  • Docket Search API is a RESTful API which allows programmatic searching across various fields in our dockets and returns results in JSON format
  • Use your own app or script to query the API and get results returned with specific data fields