Law School Innovation Program

What is the Law School Innovation Program?

The practice of law is changing, and law schools need to keep up with the demands of law firms, in-house legal departments, and – most importantly – students. Through the Law School Innovation Program, Bloomberg Law seeks to identify, recognize, and connect law school faculty, staff, and administrators who are pioneering innovative ways to prepare their students for the practice of law. Innovations can include any facet of coursework, clinics, experiential learning, pedagogy, or other forms of legal instruction.

Innovation we’re looking for

We welcome applications that demonstrate innovation in areas such as law school curriculum, learning methods, instructional design, experiential learning, legal technology integrations, and other related categories. There is no limit on the number of applications a law school or applicant can submit.

Applications will open in late spring 2022 and close in the fall. More information on the application process is coming soon. Any questions in the meantime can be directed to

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on a number of criteria, such as:

  • Innovation – The originality of the teaching method, experimental learning program, implementation of new technology, or other new approaches to legal education.
  • Impact on students – How widespread the impact is on students and metrics on how effective the innovation is with regard to student learning.
  • Ability to advance the legal industry – The degree to which the innovation solves problems or addresses deficient areas in legal instruction, scholarship, or pedagogy – better preparing students for their careers.
  • Replicability – The degree to which an innovation’s tenets can be embraced at other law schools and benefit more students.

A panel of law school faculty and staff, legal technology experts, practicing attorneys, and Bloomberg Law experts will review applications and select finalists.

Stay tuned…

In late spring 2022, Bloomberg Law will provide more information on the Law School Innovation Program on this page as well as directly communicate this information to law schools. We will begin accepting applications soon thereafter.