Special Report: The Power of the Prompt

Once ChatGPT passed the bar, the world began asking if “the prompt” and what the model spits out would have the power to replace lawyers. The answer is a qualified “no.” But just how much of a hybrid profession — one part AI, one part human — law will one day be is a more interesting question.

In this special report, we explore the conversation around AI in the legal industry as a whole — from law firms to in-house counsel to legal operations — with practical tools and perspectives written by almost two dozen thought leaders and legal experts on considerations for AI in tax, copyright, corporate governance, employment, and more. This guide to artificial intelligence and the practice of law will help you navigate what’s next.

Content includes:

  • Glossary of AI related terms
  • Insights on AI policies, use cases, and risks
  • Checklists specific to practice areas

Download your complimentary report to understand where corporate legal departments and legal operations teams stand on embracing AI and how quickly in-house teams are adapting.

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