How Is AI Changing the Legal Profession?

Artificial intelligence (AI) already has some history in the legal profession. Some lawyers have been using it for the better part of a decade to parse data and query documents. Today, some lawyers also use AI to automate routine tasks such as contract review, research, and generative legal writing.

Although the use of AI for legal professionals can give attorneys more time to focus on strategic planning and case analyses, the technology also introduces challenges, including bias, discrimination, and privacy concerns. So, while there are real benefits of AI in law, these risks have also led to skepticism among some legal professionals and left them wary of the rapidly evolving technology. Even with these challenges, AI is already disrupting the legal field in several ways.

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AI is disrupting the litigation world. But while AI for legal professionals can’t replace the need for attorneys to exercise their judgment and utilize their experience, it can support data-driven decision making and make legal research and writing tasks more efficient.

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