Consumer Data Privacy Laws

Everything you need to know about consumer data privacy laws so you can mitigate risk and stay compliant

Just one. That’s all it takes. One enforcement action, one breach, one lawsuit. Privacy and data security law is fast-moving with enormous downside risk, requiring constant vigilance to protect your organizations and your clients. Map your strategy with Bloomberg Law’s essential news, expert analysis, and practice tools.

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From risk mitigation and compliance challenges to legislative initiatives impacting how companies do business, Bloomberg Law closely tracks today’s shifting policy landscape to deliver actionable intelligence for law firms and corporate counsel.

State Chart Builders

Save hours of research time. Automatically generate state-by-state comparisons of data breach notice requirements for more than 20 subtopics across all 50 states.

Practical Guidance

Precise answers for what you need to know. Rely on our FAQs about recently enacted consumer privacy legislation in the EU, Calif., Colo., and Va. with data collection and management Practical Guidance.

In Focus resources

Save valuable time with In Focus: Virginia Privacy, our all-in-one resource on the VCDPA, including the latest news, analysis, Practical Guidance, and additional resources interpreting the impact of the new law.

Which states have enacted tailored privacy legislation?

  • Nevada
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Vermont

Track the latest consumer data privacy laws and developments with Bloomberg Law

The rapidly changing landscape of consumer data privacy laws and regulations across the globe can make it difficult for organizations to stay up to date with the requirements that apply to them. Bloomberg Law provides comprehensive resources to handle multifaceted regulatory and compliance initiatives. Our expert analysis and practice tools help you stay current with the latest developments and navigate the complex patchwork of legal and regulatory requirements at the state, federal, and international levels.

Want to learn more? Watch the on-demand replay of our latest In-House Forum for insights from industry experts on how to successfully manage data and privacy and find the right balance between oversight and keeping up with rapidly changing requirements.

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