Three Ways to Draft M&A Agreements with Confidence

With predictions for a busy M&A year ahead, learn how transactional attorneys can thrive with new approaches to drafting workflows.

With the new year underway, the M&A forecast for 2021 deal activity is strong. And as M&A deal flow continues at pre-pandemic rates, transactional attorneys will continue to face the ever-present challenges of keeping their contract drafting workflows efficient, which includes quickly and effectively tracking market standards.

The search for benchmarking information is often elusive and time-intensive, and existing workflows and tools can leave deal attorneys feeling insecure about their drafting decisions. To meet expectations and strengthen confidence in both the drafting and negotiating of agreements, attorneys must broaden their current approach to M&A drafting workflows.

These are the ways attorneys leveraging Draft Analyzer can streamline review and navigation, access integrated drafting guidance, and instantly benchmark draft language against the thousands of merger agreements filed in EDGAR.

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