Guidance for the Modern Litigator

Litigators within corporations and law firms alike have one common goal – to ensure the best outcome for the organizations and clients they represent. Certain tools and insights can be applied to their tasks and strategies to help them do exactly that.

Our complimentary Litigation Essentials – Tools and Insights for the Modern Practitioner report provides practical guidance and insights attorneys can consider now, including:

  • A powerful use case for Litigation analytics
  • Tips for the entire brief writing process
  • Suggestions for meeting client and stakeholder needs
  • Guidance for handling mistakes made on a legal matter
  • The benefits and risks of research technology
  • Technology assisted review (TAR) – definition and types
  • Different document review tools
  • Creation of a privilege log to meet withholding privilege material standards
  • Best responses when receiving inadvertently disclosed documents
  • Effective time management techniques
  • Proofreading and quality control approaches

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