Fundamentals of Discovery Practice: Interrogatories

Bloomberg Law offers a complete legal research solution for litigators, enhanced by the addition of 230 new Practical Guidance documents on our Discovery Resources Page.

Written interrogatories, part of this new offering, are an essential element to your case no matter which side you represent.  They give you the power to uncover relevant facts during discovery and are a means of producing admissible evidence at a subsequent state of litigation. In addition, the importance of knowing how to object and respond to written interrogatories is critically important.

Discover how to leverage this critical step with our Fundamentals of Discovery Practice: Interrogatories. This expert guidance breaks down how to draft and serve written interrogatories to elicit the information you need, and how to carefully object and respond to interrogatories in the best interests of your client.

Topics include:

  • Drafting and Serving Interrogatories
    • Overview and Checklist
  • Objecting and Responding to Interrogatories
    • Overview and Checklist
  • Reviewing Objections and Responses Checklist
  • Rule 33(d) Option to Produce Business Records Overview
  • Interrogatories Sample Form

Download your complimentary copy to find the facts you need to win more cases.

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