Union Strike Activity in 2023: Recent and Historical Insights

2023 was a historically tumultuous year for labor unrest. More strikes were called in 2023 than in any single year since 2002, covering over half a million workers — more than in the previous three years combined.

This first-of-its-kind report provides a statistical and historical analysis of union strike activity in 2023. Drawing from more than 30 years of Bloomberg Law’s carefully curated labor data, the report provides more than two dozen charts and tables that give lawyers on both sides of the labor-management relationship the facts, trends, and context they need to navigate the current resurgence in unions’ picketing power.

You’ll get:

  • Full-year 2023 data for union-initiated stoppages, with totals by strike type, size, duration, and monthly activity
  • Breakdowns of strike totals to identify the top industries, states, and unions involved in 2023
  • Year-by-year comparisons for all statistical factors, going back to 2020, 2000, and even 1990
  • Special graphics on lockouts, Starbucks strikes, and the largest contract expirations scheduled for 2024

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Union Strike Activity in 2023

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