The Essential ESG Toolkit

Are in-house counsel ready for ESG disclosures?

The SEC’s recent climate-related disclosure proposal, if adopted, would require public companies to provide detailed reporting of their climate-related risks, emissions, and net-zero transition plans.

In preparation for the final rule, this ESG Toolkit will help in-house counsel advise their companies on ESG strategies, prepare ESG reports and disclosures, and engage with the board of directors on how to identify and manage ESG issues relevant to their companies.

Download this complementary toolkit for a small sampling of the thousands of Practical Guidance documents available to in-house counsel subscribers on Bloomberg Law, including:

  • Looming ESG changes after U.S. and international climate reporting rules
  • Incorporating ESG concerns into M&A deal processes
  • Legal counsel’s role in enforcing net-zero plans
  • Sustainable operations management
  • ESG disclosures & Rule 10(b)(5) liability

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