NovaQuest Finds Time Savings With Customized Contract Storage and Management

One example Comer shared is the time savings associated with the automated clause library and analysis functionality, which he estimates saves at least an hour or two in the drafting process.

“As you scale that out over all of the time that we spend contracting, that’s a lot of hours saved that I can do any number of other things,” Comer said.

When it comes to the organization system, Comer immediately saw the benefits could expand beyond the legal department, as well.

“It’s not just saving me time and headache, it’s saving lots of people on the investment team time and headache,” Comer said. “It’s also dramatically reducing the risk of mistakes, missing a new contract and missing a superseded agreement.”

Bloomberg Law continues to expand the features and functionality of Contract Solutions based on the valuable feedback from innovation partners like Comer. Because of this, he has no doubt that Contract Solutions can solve the most significant contract workflow challenges facing in-house legal teams.

“With Contract Solutions in particular, I can say whatever your problem happens to be with contracts, this tool is probably going to help you,” Comer said.

[Request a demo to see how Contract Solutions can simplify and streamline your contract workflows with AI-powered tools built into Microsoft Word.]

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