Distributor Supply Chain Due Diligence Checklist

Streamline your due diligence process of supply chain-related contracts with our checklist for domestic and cross-border distribution transactions.

From conducting an initial evaluation to devising contract terms, this complimentary checklist guides you step-by-step through key considerations to address before entering an contractual agreement to mitigate risk.

This includes:

  • Ask the distributor to complete a distributor questionnaire.
  • Collect additional information from disinterested sources.
  • Determine legitimacy and legal status of the distributor.
  • Evaluate legal risks and the distributor’s financial position.
  • Ask for copies of the distributor’s relevant policies and compliance programs.
  • Carefully consider choice of law, arbitration, and jurisdictional terms.
  • Include relevant regulatory issues in the agreement.
  • Incorporate additional business partner obligations into the contract.

See a more in-depth analysis of each step by downloading our free distributor supply chain due diligence checklist.

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