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Examine the issues Bloomberg Law legal analysts will closely monitor in 2024. These comprehensive analyses offer data-driven insights and actionable perspectives on the pivotal developments influencing the legal profession in the year ahead.

Our most extensive look ahead ever, Bloomberg Law 2024 delves deep into five major topics with insights to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Understand the developments shaping litigation practice in 2024 with detailed analysis tackling everything from abortion and gender identity to antitrust and bankruptcy.

Read articles from the report:

Read articles from the report:

New Export Controls Throw Global Trade in a Spin Cycle

Supply Chains in 2024 - Improved, but Still Vulnerable

For International Deals, Changes Are on the Horizon

Does SEC Really Need a New Conflict-of-Interest Rule?

Do NFTs Ape Securities - or Preview Easier Disclosures?

These Target Industries Show Promise for M&A in 2024

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory and compliance

Delve into key in-house issues, from ESG to data privacy, and assess where regulatory agendas and corporate practices are sure to clash in 2024.

Read articles from the report:

Read articles from the report:

FTC Aims to Boldly Go Where AI, Privacy Risk Converge

Proposed SEC Regs Won’t Allow Advisers to Sidestep AI

As Pricing Bots Flex New Muscle, Antitrust Watches AI

AI to Help In-House Counsel Manage Spend, Fees in 2024

Generative AI to Test the Boundaries of Fair Use

Will Companies Keep AI Models Fed With Employee Data?

Five Ways AI Will Abate Lawyers’ Cyberdefense Optimism

Lawyer arguing a case in court

Practice of law

Learn about the individual and interpersonal issues influencing legal practitioners as they navigate the year ahead, from technology to pay practices to DEI.

Read articles from the report: