GC Guide to Navigating 2024

With no slowdown in legal developments impacting business – the mounting demand on general counsel is unprecedented.

This four-part series examines critical topics with expert-written analysis, how-to guidance, and practical checklists to help you understand the complexities and prepare for what’s ahead.

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Transactions & Contracts

As technology and regulations evolve, understand the legal implications for transactions and contracts with this analysis of key issues, including assessing material risks of AI and filing SEC disclosures, proposed regulations for investment advisors, widening export controls on global trade, and ongoing vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

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Prepare to navigate the complexities of ESG compliance. This report guides you through the developments that should be on your radar, from agency actions aimed at resolving greenwashing and impacts on disclosures to evolving state ESG laws and sustainable operations management. You’ll get analysis, insights, and Practical Guidance to help you put the right strategies in place.