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Bloomberg Law combines the latest technology with primary and secondary sources, workflow tools, news, and business and market intelligence to strengthen your legal practice. Best of all, a Bloomberg Law subscription provides unlimited access to our content and tools, including the latest enhancements, at one fixed price.

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Bloomberg Law just launched Contract Solutions – the simpler, faster way to find, draft, negotiate, and analyze contracts.

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Stay current on developments with real-time, in-depth, and customizable news, from the largest number of credentialed reporters on the Hill.

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Increase attorney productivity with timesaving, step-by-step Practical Guidance, including sample forms and checklists, state chart builders, trackers, and In Focus resources.

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With the right legal analytics tools, attorneys – and the firms and corporations employing them – can perform their daily tasks faster. From litigation data analytics to AI in legal research, do it all with Bloomberg Law.

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See why 94% of CLOs and GCs agree that Bloomberg Law has all the legal research tools, resources, and content in-house counsel need on a single, integrated platform.

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  • Improve your ROI and keep more work in-house with unmetered access and continuous product enhancements, all on a single platform
  • Find all-inclusive legal resources including news, primary and secondary sources, comprehensive practice area coverage, and workflow tools
  • Get the news you need when you want it with 40+ channels, news from the Bloomberg Terminal (75k sources), and ALM Media news brands
  • Access step-by-step Practical Guidance for labor and employment, privacy, corporate transactions, commercial transactions, and more
  • Access market-leading dockets, including more than 1,000 state courts and comprehensive federal courts coverage with Docket Key search functionality
  • Save time and increase productivity with legal tech tools like the award-winning Points of Law for case law research and Draft Analyzer for contract drafting

One platform, one price

From news to primary and secondary resources, practice tools, analytics, and guidance, you’ll have access to everything you need on one integrated platform.

Bloomberg Law 2023

Access in-depth, forward-looking analysis of key issues across five major topic areas – litigation, transactional, ESG and employment, technology, and the future of the legal industry – that will shape the legal market in the coming year.

Intellectual property protection

Stay ahead of the latest IP updates with our real-time IP news, expert analysis, Practical Guidance, treatises, and other timesaving tools.

Vaccine policies and mandates

Read our COVID updates including the impact of the ADA, Vaccine Policy for Employers, and Returning to Work and Vaccine Mandates.

Get up to speed on cryptocurrency

Find out how the states are regulating cryptocurrency, and get the latest insights on increasing federal regulation of digital assets including analysis of developing tax implications in our report, Cryptocurrency: From the IRS to the SEC and Beyond.

Privacy resources: GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, VCDPA, CPA

The GDPR and new laws in California, Virginia, and Colorado are shaping both consumer privacy rights and corporate compliance.


Environmental, Social, and Governance Resources

Whether you’re looking for general ESG guidance or content tailored to your industry, Bloomberg Law has the resources you need to confidently lead ESG efforts for your organization.


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