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COVID-19 Crisis Management

Rely on Bloomberg Law for complete, accurate, and urgent coverage on how to respond appropriately and effectively to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bloomberg Law 2021

The legal industry was dominated in 2020 by issues resulting from the pandemic, global market volatility, and U.S. elections. Our legal analysts take a look back and provide a preview of what to expect across the legal landscape in 2021.

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Increase attorney productivity with timesaving, step-by-step Practical Guidance, including sample forms and checklists; state chart builders; trackers, and In Focus resources.

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Stay one step ahead of market developments with advanced analytics and executive dashboards, along with company and business intelligence you won’t find anywhere else.

In-House Forum: Leading Corporate Legal Departments in Times of Crisis

In October 2020, the Bloomberg Law In-House Forum convened general counsel from leading companies, along with lawmakers and regulators, for a series of conversations about how businesses are handling these pressing concerns as they adjust to a rapidly changing world. Access the CLE-eligible replays of the sessions here.

How the Pandemic Is Changing Business Terms and Relationships

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to deal with a great number of novel contractual challenges across the supply chain and with vendors. This panel of experienced in-house counsel discussed strategies on managing strained business relationships; (re)negotiating product sourcing provisions, sales terms, and insurance requirements; and using force majeure and other defense clauses.

Novel Labor and Employment Challenges

Organizations must address myriad challenges in order to keep workers safe in offices and at other worksites during a pandemic. This panel of experienced in-house counsel from different industries identified significant risks and shared practical insights on the complex intersection of issues, including employee and customer safety, sick leave policies, de minimis work and timekeeping, privacy, biometric data collection and disclosure, health care, benefit plans, furloughing, and evolving federal guidance.

Privacy Resources: CCPA and GDPR

The CCPA and GDPR are shaping both consumer privacy rights and corporate compliance.


California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance Information and News

When you need to understand the implications of the CCPA, turn to In Focus: CCPA on Bloomberg Law that includes critical intelligence to help you navigate this complex regulation – and its broader impact – with confidence, including statutory text, timely news and analysis, practice tools, and more.

Navigate EU GDPR with Confidence

From EU GDPR compliance to mitigating your risks in the choppy global privacy and data security landscape, get the latest news and analysis, Practical Guidance, and more to provide sound counsel to your clients or stakeholders.

Intellectual Property Resources

Stay ahead of the latest IP developments with our real-time news, expert analysis, Practical Guidance, treatises, and other timesaving tools.

Litigation Resources

From primary law research to AI powered litigation analysis and coverage of industry-changing topics, Bloomberg Law has litigation practice covered.


What’s Next for AI-Powered Research Tools?

The application of artificial intelligence to litigation practice has moved quickly past primary law research in the direction of predictive modeling and higher-level analysis.

Motion Practice by the Numbers

The value of step-by-step procedural guidance to the fundamentals of motion practice speaks for itself. The addition of primary law tools enhanced by artificial intelligence to this research model takes it to another level. See how Litigation Practical Guidance is changing how litigation is done.

Litigation Finance: Who Benefits and How?

Based on heady growth projections, Litigation Finance is destined to have a profound influence on the legal industry over the next several years. Find out more about the funders, the beneficiaries, and the implementation of this new finance model in Bloomberg Law’s In Focus: Litigation Finance.

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