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Streamline your litigation practice with this one-stop resource — a critical component of Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive legal research solution.

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Work smarter and faster with all-inclusive resources at your fingertips

We understand the time-consuming tasks, complex challenges, and tight deadlines litigators face. That’s why Bloomberg Law integrates the primary sources, litigation tools, news, and expert analysis necessary to increase productivity and help you plan the right strategy to maintain your competitive edge.

When tools are scattered, out of date or nonexistent, it can cost you

Unplanned charges

When the critical information you need is stuck behind a paywall

icon Wasted Time

Lost time

When you need to search multiple places for the intel required to plan a winning strategy

Incomplete information & dissatisfied clients

When you fail to find key updates impacting your cases

Lack of direction

When limited resources dead-end and you don’t know where to turn next

Find the answers you need in one place with the Litigation Intelligence Center on Bloomberg Law

One price, one platform, unlimited access. Save time and ensure you have the right intel with expedited access to essential litigation information — from dockets and case law to statutes and breaking news — along with timesaving tools, primary and secondary resources, analytics, and guidance. It’s all included on the Bloomberg Law platform.

Faster case law research

Quickly discover the leading case law, key legal principles, and the best language to support your legal argument with Points of Law. Rely on BCite, our proprietary citator, to determine whether a case is still good law.

Advanced analytics

Our AI-powered Litigation Analytics helps you sift through millions of data points to assess outcomes and develop an informed strategy.

Complete dockets access

Find complete federal courts coverage plus more than 1,200 state courts. Rely on Docket Key — the best dockets classification system anywhere — to turbocharge your access to sample briefs, pleadings, motions, and more.

Next-gen brief analysis

Spend less time and effort analyzing briefs with Brief Analyzer, which automatically evaluates cited legal authorities and suggests additional relevant content for consideration.

Codes, regulations, & rules

Use Smart Code to find cases discussing specific provisions of state and federal codes, rules, and regulations with strength-of-discussion indicator.

Step-by-step guidance

Rely on Litigation Practical Guidance to complete your assignments — from core litigation coverage to contract and tort actions and defenses. Plus, access our Discovery Resources Page with more than 250 Practical Guidance documents and resources for fact discovery and expert discovery.

Get help any time of the day

Your law firm works day and night to meet your client’s needs – and so do we. We have a 24/7 JD-staffed Help Desk that subscribers can contact when they need assistance.

Why law firms love our platform

Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Intelligence Center has everything I need for my daily litigation tasks: docket search and access; opinion search; law and regulation search. The added value features are Smart Code to quickly find a court decision interpreting a particular regulation/statutory provision; and Points of Law search.

Am Law 200

I’ve found the Points of Law to be a very useful addition to my research. If I can find a Point that’s useful in a case, it often points me to additional useful supplementary caselaw that I wouldn’t have otherwise found.

Sr. Associate
Large Law

Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Intelligence Center is a ‘game changer’ in the areas of docketing and judicial intelligence. Instead of having to search in multiple different areas, this service enables attorneys to get necessary information in one place–and with the confidence that they have not missed anything.

Am Law 200 firm

We bill under flat fee arrangements. The faster we can find information, the more profitable we can be. Using Bloomberg’s services will help me immensely in accomplishing everyday tasks in less time.

Am Law 200 firm

The analytics might be the most useful thing. I haven’t really seen that available through any other product.

Am Law 200 firm

There is a wealth of resources. Being able to immediately determine how likely a judge is to grant a motion and see in which cases the motion was granted/denied is very beneficial.

Am Law 200 firm

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