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The 2021 Bloomberg Law DEI Framework

What is the Bloomberg Law DEI Framework?

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Framework is a listing of law firms that meet or exceed a rising standard for diversity, equity, and inclusion in their firm.

Standardized disclosure of diversity-related data allows firms to attract and retain talent, and also allows companies looking to procure legal services to easily compare law firms from a supplier diversity standpoint through the following benchmarks:

  • Leadership & Talent Pipelines
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Business Innovation & Strategy
  • Bias & Harassment Training
  • Diverse Brand

From clients to talent – the key to tomorrow’s success is inclusion today.

It’s never been more critical for law firms to demonstrate their commitment to DEI. The biggest companies and the most promising attorneys are all looking for firms that promote equity, and rejecting those that don’t.

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If you want to recruit or retain the brightest legal minds to choose or remain at your firm, DEI is essential.

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It’s not lip service: the large corporate clients you want to work for are demanding firmwide diversity, equity, and inclusion as a prerequisite.

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The world is watching to see which organizations are elevating equity as a priority and judging those that aren’t—harshly.

The Framework at a Glance

What firms are eligible to participate in the DEI Framework?

All U.S. law firms are eligible to participate.

What is Bloomberg Law’s policy for data collected as part of the Framework?

Legal Disclaimer: The Bloomberg Law Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Listing utilizes a data Collection Instrument to collect information (Data) from law firms. The Data may include information related to the workforce, policies, and interactions with customers or third parties. Data collected in the data Collection Instrument for the DEI Framework will be aggregated and high-level findings, which may include inter alia overall reported industry demographics and percentage of firms with various policies, will be published to Bloomberg Law and the Bloomberg Terminal service. Subscribers may access the Listing through multiple channels such as Bloomberg Law and the Bloomberg Terminal service.

The Listing and associated findings are based solely on the Data provided by participating U.S. firms and are subject to their accuracy. Nothing in the Framework, Listing or associated findings should be construed as an opinion of any law firm by Bloomberg Law or its affiliates, nor are they intended to be a recommendation or endorsement of any firm(s).

Are law firms ranked?

No. The Listing is a catalog of all law firms that meet or exceed an established threshold of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Is there a cost associated with providing data or inclusion in the framework?

No. Submitting data and inclusion in the framework is free to all U.S. law firms.

Will my firm’s data be available online?

No, any individual firm responses submitted will not be identified, included, or published on our website or in the Listing itself. However, the firms included in the Listing will be publicly available on our website.  Read more in the full FAQs. 

What if I have questions on the framework?

The Bloomberg Law team is here to support you throughout the entire reporting process. You may contact the team at DEI_Framework@bloombergindustry.com or Molly Huie (Team Lead, Data Analysis & Surveys) directly at mhuie@bloombergindustry.com if you have questions or feedback. We are also happy to schedule a call to discuss your questions.

For details on the data collection process, data privacy and security, and the framework listing, download the full FAQ document.

Why Bloomberg Law?

As part of the Bloomberg organization, we believe that by bringing together professionals from all walks of life, we ensure that unique, diverse perspectives inform our work and enable us to provide unique, diverse solutions to our customers.

Being a neutral third party that provides essential legal intelligence to both in-house counsel and law firms, we have the understanding necessary to know what works best for all legal professionals.

Our history as a trusted source for the news and analysis untangling complex and opaque issues impacting our customers means that we’re well suited to compile, analyze, and distribute DEI data and expertise.

Right from the headlines.

Each day, another corporation, business or organization mandates diversity, equity, and inclusive policies both within and without. If you want the major clients, you need major DEI.

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