Aug 5, 2021 Webinar

Private Equity: Evolving Deal Terms & Exits (including SPACs)

In this webinar for M&A and capital markets lawyers, we will discuss the booming private equity market and provide an in-depth look at relevant deal terms and criteria for exits – whether to a larger investor, merging into a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), or by traditional IPO.

Top companies in Silicon Valley

In partnership with Fenwick, Bloomberg Law presents The 2021 Top 150 Silicon Valley Companies. In this third annual edition of this special report, we explore the public companies — including 18 that have made the list for the first time — and the social and economic trends propelling their success.

Apr 7, 2021 Webinar

Technology Investments, Exits & Market Trends

Delve into recent developments in the tech sector surrounding investment, exit strategies, deal structures, and deal terms.

Transactions and Markets in 2021

Unexpected obstacles stood defiantly upon the transactional landscape in 2020. Elevate your planning and reduce surprises with strategic insights covering the key trends to watch in 2021.

Bloomberg Law 2020 – Transactions

Download Bloomberg Law 2020 – Transactions now to get a first look at the market-shaping issues our analysts will be following in the new year.

Special Report: 2019 Corporate Transactions Roundup

Download this report to learn the trends financial analysts are watching closely, including regulatory uncertainty, funding source composition, trade tensions, and ESG awareness.

The Latest Developments in Cross-Border Transactions

Globalization, market uncertainties, and new regulations and rulings are all complicating international deals and adding to the burdens faced by inside and outside counsel.

M&A Trends Reshape the Legal Industry

This year’s strong trend of M&A activity is reframing markets and business in many sectors. This special report explores where those factors may be most relevant and some of the issues that could become critical in a changing environment.

M&A Negotiating Trends: M&A Buyers Respond to Seller-Friendly Market

Download the Bloomberg Law special report, M&A Negotiating Trends: M&A Buyers Respond to Seller-Friendly Market, which features analysis by experts at Bloomberg Law and SRS Acquiom.