Crypotcurrency: From the IRS to the SEC & Beyond

A comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency to help you understand and prepare for proposed tax and regulatory changes.

Top companies in Silicon Valley

In partnership with Fenwick, Bloomberg Law presents The 2021 Top 150 Silicon Valley Companies. In this third annual edition of this special report, we explore the public companies — including 18 that have made the list for the first time — and the social and economic trends propelling their success.

ESG in 2021

Covid-19, a downturned economy, and critical socioeconomic shifts have drastically impacted how organizations operate. How permanent will these changes be? And what should legal professionals expect in 2021 and beyond? Download your complimentary report for expert analysis of key ESG topics.

Dec 9, 2020 Webinar

ESG Resiliency, Preparedness, & the Pandemic Webinar

Examine the Covid-19 health crisis and resulting recession and impact on companies’ approaches to ESG – and if those with established ESG infrastructures may be better situated to recover. Explore Bloomberg Law’s data-driven insights about ESG and hear from experts about how best to structure an ESG program and build resiliency in a volatile market.

Legal implications on manufacturing

Human rights violations, liability legislation, and ESG matters are presenting key issues within the manufacturing industry. Our report equips you with the actionable tools and insights you need for effective legal strategy.

Trending Toward Change: The Tech Industry, Legal Landscape, and Covid-19

Of the many changes introduced by the global health crisis, significant developments within the technology industry are sure to have a lasting impact on the regulatory and business landscapes. The Trending Toward Change: The Tech Industry, Legal Landscape, and Covid-19 report explores these technological advancements and shifts.

Bloomberg Law 2020 – ESG & Climate

As the range of issues companies must focus on expands to include considerations for concerns related to customers, employees, suppliers, and communities, organizations must adjust or risk reputational damage.

Legal Tech Investments Drop to $122M in Q2

Find out what big deals stood out in Q2 and examine the impact of legal technology investment in this breakdown by Legal Analyst Meg McEvoy.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – The Technological and Regulatory Frontier of FinTech

Crafted by Bloomberg Law legal editor Robert Kim, the Bloomberg Law special report Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – The Technological and Regulatory Frontier of FinTech details how these issues present specific legal and regulatory challenges.

Special Report: Financing Blockchain

Blockchain has become one of the most talked-about topics in finance and technology. Among its developments, one of the most problematic has been “initial coin offerings” (ICOs) — the financing of blockchain projects by sales of cryptographic tokens.