Aug 5, 2021 Webinar

Private Equity: Evolving Deal Terms & Exits (including SPACs)

In this webinar for M&A and capital markets lawyers, we will discuss the booming private equity market and provide an in-depth look at relevant deal terms and criteria for exits – whether to a larger investor, merging into a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), or by traditional IPO.
Apr 15, 2021 Webinar

Making Vaccine Policies Work for Your Workforce

As Covid-19 vaccines become widely available, employers face tough questions about how to protect and manage their workforce. This webinar will address the risks and benefits of employer vaccine programs as well as offer practical tips on providing accommodations during a pandemic and implementing a vaccine program that complies with federal, state, or local laws.
Mar 17, 2021 Webinar

Employment Litigation Risks for Companies Entering Year Two of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Employment litigation will rise because of pandemic- and vaccine-related conduct. Be ready for the resulting workplace issues that will impact compliance and that will be complicated jurisdictionally. Understand state and federal obligations related to wage and hour issues, company policies, leave benefits, religious beliefs, vaccination, and other areas of business liability.

Covid-19 and the Workplace | Daily Labor Report

Employers, and the attorneys who advise them, have entered unchartered territory as they navigate the pandemic. Download this exclusive labor report to evaluate subjects that are top of mind for legal practitioners.

Oct 7, 2020 Webinar

Bloomberg Law In-House Forum: Novel Labor and Employment Issues

New challenges must be addressed in order to keep workers and customers safe during a pandemic. A panel of experienced in-house counsel identify and analyze the risks and complex issues, including, sick leave policies, de minimis work and timekeeping, privacy, biometric data collection and disclosure, health care, benefit plans, furloughing, and evolving federal guidance.

Pharmaceuticals and Covid-19

The pharmaceutical industry is the top contender for most greatly impacted on the path to Covid-19 recovery. The legal considerations are numerous, and the implications are profound. In this special report, we explore the pharmaceutical considerations top of mind.

Covid’s legal impact on health care

As the health care industry continues to feel the effects of Covid-19, legal departments are tackling strategic questions about the future. Learn about the Covid-related topics impacting corporate strategy.

Mar 25, 2021 Webinar

Employee Benefits and Covid-19: Options for Employers and Employees

The CARES Act, FFCRA, executive orders, and other legislative developments have created challenges for employers and employees. Get an update on the latest economic relief measures, payroll implications, benefits, and other tax-specific aspects of stimulus legislation and how they interrelate. Learn best practices for managing your workplace or advising clients.
Aug 19, 2020 Webinar

Litigation Trends in the Downturn and Preparing for the Next Phase

Learn how the Covid-19 crisis compares to former recessions and what lessons can be learned. Speakers will share strategies for managing the current situation and preparing litigation teams for changes. We will analyze the factors that are stifling litigation, where it has picked up, and challenges legal departments and law firms are facing.

Develop a Pandemic Plan for Returning to the Worksite

Before reopening a workplace, make sure you understand the coronavirus-era repercussions of discrimination, wage and hour, and other employment laws. Go beyond CDC guidelines and download this report for expert insights on mitigating risk and to get a sample temperature and health screening policy.

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